Zirc is a small town situated in the picturesque High Bakony region. It is surrounded by beautiful forests which once served as a hiding place and shelter for the legendary outlaws of the Bakony Hills. The valley of the Cuha Brook, with its ravines and cliffs, provides a splendid view that you can enjoy if you take the train crossing the valley. You can also tour the area on foot or by bicycle on the designated tourist pathways. You can learn about the fauna and flora as well as the geographical conditions of the region in the Natural History Museum of the village. Walking in the arboretum, you can see various unique plant species. You can have a religious insight if you visit the Cistercian Abbey which was founded by King Béla III in the 12th century. You can make yourself familiar with the life of the Cistercians at an interactive exhibition in the Visitor Centre. You can find a special cultural heritage in the Reguly Antal Memorial Library.

How to come here

Zirc lies along main road 82. It is easily accessible by coach or bus. It has a railway station: it is part of the heritage protected Veszprém – Győr railway line.


Zirci Arborétum; Zirci Ciszterci Apátság; OSZK Reguly Antal Műemlékkönyvtár; Bakonyi Természettudományi Múzeum; Reguly Antal Múzeum és Népművészeti Alkotóház; Pintér-hegyi Parkerdő Tanösvény; Akli Major - a Zirci Ciszterci Apátság egykori barokk udvarháza; 0 km turistakőbakancs; Cuha-völgyi vasút; Magas-Bakony Tájvédelmi Körzet

Contact of the local government

Common Local Government Office of Zirc

8420 Zirc, Március 15. tér 1. Pf.: 77.

Tel: 88/593-700

Fax: 88/414-475