Vigántpetend is situated in the Káli Basin Landscape Protection Area. This small village is one of the venues of the Valley of Arts Festival, so you can find a lot of cultural programmes here. The Granary Studio, whose young artists are responsible for the publications of the festival, can be found here. Walking in the village, you can explore its religious heritage, the more than 250-year-old Catholic church and the belfry erected by the protestant congregation. If you visit the Vajai House, which was converted from an old peasant house and is furnished with furniture that is several hundred years old, you can hear interesting local stories. You can take part in an environmental protection training in the Independent Centre for Ecology. If you tour the area surrounding the village, you can explore the special geographic sights of the Káli Basin.

How to come here

Vigántpetend is accessible on road from the direction of Nagyvázsony and Tapolca. It is accessible also by bus or coach. It does not have a railway station; the nearest railway station can be found in Tapolca (the Szombathely-Tapolca-Keszthely railway line).


Birkadomb; Eger patak;Erzsike hegy; Római Katolikus Templom Papai kúria; Evangélikus Harangtorony; Helyi védettség alatt álló épületek a Kossuth utcán; I-II. Világháborús emlékmű; Öreg-bükk tanösvény

Contact of the local government

Common Local Government Office of Vigánpetend

8293 Vigántpetend Kossuth u. 34.

Tel: +36 (87) 437060