Veszprém, the ‘town of queens’ has a lot of hidden sights: it is worth taking long walks in the town to explore its archways, narrow streets, stairways and spots providing a beautiful view. The Veszprém Valley area stretching along the banks of the Séd Brook offers a special experience: the sound of the brook, the high cliffs, the green trees and flowers will take you far from the town and the ‘rat race’ of our modern age. You can have a picnic near the small pond or spend some romantic moments here with your sweetheart. Children can try unique attractions in the two custom-designed playgrounds. You can tour the area by bicycle as well. Veszprém is a home also for arts: you can visit the performances of excellent artistic groups, choirs and theatrical groups. The Castle and the neighbouring museums, galleries and church-related visitor centres host various exhibitions. You can support your favourite teams at sports events in the Veszprém Arena and take part in fairs, exhibitions and other events here. You can find unique animal and plant species in the zoo.

How to come here

Veszprém lies along major road no. 8. The town is easily accessible also by bus, coach and train (it is part of the Szombathely-Székesfehérvár railway line).


Kittenberger Kálmány Növény- és Vadaspark Szolgáltató Kht.; Tűztorony; Laczkó Dezső Múzeum; Csikász Galéria; Dubniczay-palota; Modern Képtár - Vass László Gyűjtemény; Margit Romok; Szaléziánum - Érsekségi Turisztikai Központ; Szent Benedek-hegy; Kolostorok és kertek sétaútvonal

Contact of the local government

Common Local Government Office of Veszprém

8200 Veszprém Óváros tér 9.

Tel: + 36 88/549-210