Úrkút is a small village surrounded by the forests of the Bakony Hills. It was famous for its glass industry in the Middle Ages: the local craftsmen built their glass-works based on the models of the neighbouring settlements, while the local forests ensured wood for production in the required quantity. This provided a living for the local residents for a long time. Uniquely enough, this was the only place in the Bakony Hills where, besides bottles and sheet glass, also ground glass was manufactured. This was an extremely closed community mainly due to the difficult accessibility of the village. This is the reason why the people of the village are said to live in ‘the solitude of the valley’. There was a boom in coal mining at the end of the 19th century and manganese ore mining provided a new way to make a living. Later the former mining areas were recultivated and the Csárda Hill Ancient Karst nature conservation area was established. If you tour this area, you can see a multitude of rocks in a riot of colours and explore palaeontological fossils.

How to come here

Úrkút is situated south of Herend and is accessible on road 8. It does not have a railway station; the nearest railway station can be found in Ajka. It is accessible also by bus and coach.


Csárdahegyi Őskarszt; Falumúzeum; Tróbert Ferencné - nemzetiségi babák öltöztetése, ruhák varrása; Tejermayer Béla - fafaragó,festő, grafikus; Erdősült területek; Kab-hegy; Dél-Bakony; Dozmat-réti víznyelő

Contact of the local government

Common Local Government Office of Úrkút

Tel.: +36-88/507-030