Tótvázsony is located in the eastern part of the Vázsonyi Basin, a picturesque region of the Balaton Uplands. It is bordered by hills and valleys as well as Mt. Csatár, which is a promontory of the Balaton Uplands, from the north. You can see Lake Balaton from the look-out tower of Mt. Recsek situated near the village. The legend of Jóska Savanyó, the famous outlaw of the Bakony Hills is also associated with this village. The name of the bandit born in the middle of the 19th century was closely linked with a lot of lootings in the area, what is more, others, using his name, committed murders here. For all this, he was sentenced to life imprisonment, however, he was acquitted as a result of the mediation efforts of the bishop after a successful clarification of which criminal acts he had actually been accountable for. Later he moved back to the village and committed suicide. You can see his gravestone here. His legend is still alive due to a number of stories, folk songs and carvings.

How to come here

Tótvázsony is accessible by car from road 8 from the direction of Veszprém or on road 73 and 71 and also by bus and coach. It does not have a railway station; the nearest railway station can be found in Veszprém.


Róka-hegy; Hosszú-hegy; Nagy Gella; Kis Gella; Bögei-kút; Bodori-kút

Contact of the local government

Common Local Government Office of Tótvázsony

Tel.: +36-88/506-790

E-mail: polgarmestertotv@invitel.hu