Szőc is a village hiding among the hills of Central Transdanubia. The settlement is surrounded by mountains covered in forests and vineyards. You can find the St. George’s Chapel, which is a nice place for pilgrimage and religious insight, on the top of the Vineyard Hill. Some of the residents of the village are engaged in wine-growing and wine-making, so it is worth trying their wines. You can take a long walk in the Határ Valley and watch protected birds, such as the European bee-eater or the common kestrel. If you are patient enough, you can even take photos of these rare bird species.

How to come here

Szőc can be approached on road no. 8 from the direction of Ajka and Devecser or road no. 84 from the direction of Sümeg. It is accessible also by bus and coach. It does not have a railway station; the nearest railway station can be found in Ajka.


Pörös-dombi borókás; Elfelejtett Kastély; Király-domb; Magyal-hegy; Kígyós-patak; Sörke-rét

Contact of the local government

Common Local Government Office of Szőc

Szőc, Kossuth L. u. 41.

Tel.: +36-88/513-525