Szentgál is located among the forests of the Bakony Hills. According to a legend, the name of the village originates from early historic times, when Prince Géza sent here a priest of St. Gallen to convert the Hungarian residents to Christianity. This area is extremely rich in natural sights: a path will lead you through the nature conservation area, under the shade of the famous yew tree forest (Central Europe’s largest protected yew tree forest) or you can descend into the Kőlik Cave with the help of experts. Interestingly enough, the locals were engaged in dog breeding in the Middle Ages: they trained dogs for royal huntings. In the country house located in the village, you can learn about the architectural styles, everyday life and traditions of the past.

How to come here

The village is accessible on road no. 8, exiting on the Herend slip road running southwards. It is accessible also by bus and coach. It has a railway station which is a part of the Szombathely-Székesfehérvár railway line.


Szentgáli Kőlik; Tájház;Vitéz Tamás Gábor Háza (helyismereti gyűjtemény); Tiszafás erdő; Mikóspál-hegy; Barlangok; Magas-bakonyi Tájvédelmi Körzet; Hajagi-barkócafa; Református templom; Szent Gál Római Katolikus Templom

Contact of the local government

Common Local Government Office of Szentgál

8444 Szentgál Fő utca 11.

Tel.: +36 (88) 506580