Sümeg is situated at the south-western tip of the Bakony Hills, in a valley connecting the Keszthely Mountains with Kisalföld and the Tapolca Basin. The town is like a small treasure box: it is worth taking a walk here to explore the local masterpieces of the Baroque architecture. The castle standing on the hill rising above the town was built under the reign of King Béla IV after the Tartar invasion and is still in a very good state. It played a central role in the defence of the region until the end of the Rákóczy War of Independence and was a major stronghold during the Turkish era. It started deteriorating in the first half of the 1700s, after it had been burnt down. Today a number of exhibitions can be seen in the castle and you can experience the atmosphere of medieval tournaments and combats or take part in a medieval feast. There is a wonderful view of the town and its area from the castle.

How to come here

Minor road 84 runs through the town, so it is easily accessibly by car. There are regular bus and coach services to and from the town which has a railway station as well. It is part of the Szombathely-Tapolca railway line.


Capári Lovasiskola - Váristálló; Kisfaludy Sándor Szülőháza; Patonai Fazekasház; Balatonfelvidéki Radetzky Huszáregyesület kiállítása; Sümegi Vár; Sarvalyi Erdő; Sarvalyi Forrásház; Sarvalyi Falu- és Templomrom; Neolit Kori Tűzkőbánya - Sümegi Mogyorósdomb Természetvédelmi Terület; Sümegi-Várhegy

Contact of the local government

Common Local Government Office of Sümeg

8330 Sümeg, Béke tér 7.

Tel.: +36 (87) 550-760

Fax.: +36 (87) 352-578

E-mail: sumegph@sumeg.hu