Somlószőlős can be found at the western part of Hungary’s smallest wine region. This is a unique area: forests alternate with vineyards and the wet fields of River Marcal. The Juhfark (literally: sheep’s tail) is the most characteristic wine variety of this wine region. The grape cluster is thick and elongated, resembling the tail of a sheep: this is where the name comes from. The locals say that this variety was brought here by the conquering Hungarians from the Khazar Empire. The wine made from this grape is far-famed: one of the legends has it that those drinking it on a regular basis will reach an old age. There is another legend in connection with the Hapsburg dynasty: they drank this wine on a regular basis, for the popular belief held that this would bring a baby boy for the couple. This is the reason why it is called the ‘wine of bridal night’. Only white wine is produced in this wine region. Try this wine having fine acids!

How to come here

You can reach Somlószőlős if you exit road no. 8 to the direction of Mt. Somló. It is accessible by bus and coach. It does not have a railway station. The nearest railway station can be found in Somlóvásárhely.


Somló Tájvédelmi Körzet

Contact of the local government

Common Local Government Office of Somlószőlős

8483 Somlószőlős, Kossuth u. 164.

Tel.: +36-88/276-001