Sóly is situated at the foot of the Bakony Hills, on the banks of the Séd Brook. The village is said to have been the place where King St. Stephen and Koppány fought their historic battle. This is commemorated by a 13-meter-high wooden sword, the stylized reproduction of our first king’s weapon, erected at the Royal Sword Memorial Place. There is a wonderful view of the settlement from the hilltop. A historic festival is also organised here to commemorate this remarkable event, so you can also experience the age of the Hungarian conquer by watching the battles replayed by the local heritage conservation groups. Walking in the village, you can visit the ruins of the paper mill: more than 60 different types of paper were produced here, satisfying the paper needs of the Cistercian Abbey in Zirc. There are famous vineyards outside the village, so it is worth dropping in some catering establishment to try local wines.

How to come here

Sóly is situated along road no. 8, 10 kilometres from Veszprém. It is easily accessible by bus and coach. It does not have a railway station; the nearest railway station can be found in Veszprém.


Kőhíd, műemlék lakóházak; Malomegyüttes; Papírmalom romjai; Molnárház; Királyi Kard Emlékhely

Contact of the local government

8193 Sóly, Kossuth u. 57.

Telefon: 88/459-150