Between mountains and forests in a charming stream-side valley of this little village is inhabited by hardworking people who do their best to ensure that visitors enjoy themselves as much as possible. All of our guests are warmly waiting for a calm, relaxing, rural real relaxation in beautiful natural surroundings. Settlement several hiking trails starting point, it is possible pedestrian and equestrian excursions.

The bare hand basin Zirc- Akli, from the east is the natural entrance that leads to the north-northwest through the Somhegy (sombokrairól was named szerszámnyélkészítés) during the Bakonybél Basin, and from there follow Gerence line towards the papal plain.

Two bare (Pénzeskút, Kőrsgyőr)) and is owned by the Bábolna State Farm Garden Stone was founded in 1956 by uniting village. Money Kúton the XVIII century. century glassworks worked. The XVIII. the second half of the century Roman Catholic Germans, Slovaks and Hungarians have been planted here. Before that, the area was deserted. Then emerged the typical Bakony job opportunities. Charcoal production, lime burning.


Vörösmarty Mihály Cultural House, Pangea geological and botanical nature trail, Szömörke Valley, Judit-source

Contact of the local government:

Pénzesgyőr Municipal Office

Tel .: +36 88,448,013

E-mail: pgypmh2@gmail.com