Öcs lies at the south-western foot of Mt. Kap. Entering the village, you can immediately catch sight of the three churches of the 3 religions of the village: Roman Catholic, Evangelist, Reformed. Walking in the village, you can see thatched houses made of stone and mud. You can explore the history of the settlement with the help of the Local Heritage Collection. The Nagy Lake is another curiosity: it was formed on a basalt plain. You can take hikes on the marked pathways in the area, however, you can choose to roam over the countryside by bicycle or on horseback. Öcs is one of the villages of the Valley of Arts, so you can take part in various cultural programmes during the festival.

How to come here

Öcs lies along the road between Ajka and Nagyvázsony, so it is easily accessible by car or bus. It does not have a railway stations; the nearest railway station can be found in Ajka.


Helytörténeti Gyűjtemény; Nagy-Sás-tó; Kis-sás-tó; Öcsi Nagy-tó; Hálai-völgy; Dugoc erdei szikla; Csigás-tó; Pulai bazaltbarlang; Kőházverem; Mogyoró-völgy; Berekenye köve

Contact of the local government

Common Local Government Office of Öcs

8292 Öcs Béke út.35.

Tel.: +36 (88) 263001

E-mail: ocs@vazsonykom.hu