Nemesvámos can boast of a rich heritage from Roman times. Here you can recall the past: you can learn about ancient spices and herbs in the park. Children can take part in museum pedagogical workshops. You can try local culinary delights in the village: pig-killings are regularly organised in winter, while wine-tours as well as bread and langallo-baking provide great experiences during the rest of the year. Walking in the village, you can take delight in the Bakony Hills and from some spots you can even see Lake Balaton. If you start from Nemesvámos, you can tour the region on foot or by bicycle.

How to come here

Nemesvámos can be found in the vicinity of Veszprém. It lies only 12 kilometres from Lake Balaton. It is easily accessible by bus and coach. It does not have a railway station; the nearest railway station can be found in Veszprém.


Baláca - Római kori villagazdaság és romkert;Betyárcsárda; Római kori halomsír; Huszár Galéria;Sándor Huszár Lovas Klub; Gyűr-hegy; Likas-domb; Nagy-Som-hegy; Ányos-kút

Contact of the local government

Common Local Government Office of Nemesvámos

8248 Nemesvámos Fészek u. 7.

Tel.: +36 (88) 505580

Fax.: +36 (88) 505591