Nagyvázsony is a small village in the Balaton Uplands. According to records, it was inhabited as early as during the Tartar invasion, however, the major turn in its history happened only later: King Matthias donated this land to the legendary Pál Kinizsi. The commander had a castle built here and made this place prosper. Later the village was given the status of a market town: market days were organised on a weekly basis and craftsmen settled in here. The Turks, however, occupied the castle. Today you can see a number of exhibitions here, taking you through the history of the castle. During the Renaissance tournaments organised on a daily basis in summer, you can experience the atmosphere of medieval times and the excitement of the age of knights. The wonderful region around Nagyvázsony can be toured on marked hiking trails.

How to come here

Nagyvázsony lies along the road connecting Veszprém with Tapolca, in the middle of the Nagyvázsony Basin. It is easily accessible by bus and coach. It does not have a railway station; the nearest railway station is in Veszprém.


Pálos Templom és Kolostorram; Postamúzeum; Schumacherház Néprajzi Múzeum; Kovácsmúzeum; Kinizsi Vármúzeum; Szent Jakab Templom Római Katolikus templom; Kártya-domb; Tálodi-kolostorrom; Som-hegy; Vízvörös-tó

Contact of the local government

Common Local Government Office of Nagyvázsony

8291 Nagyvázsony Kinizsi u.96.

Tel: +36 (88) 264011

Fax: +36 (88) 515212