Monostorapáti is a small village hiding in the forests of the valley of the Eger Brook. Its beautiful natural environment provides a lot of opportunities for trips and hikes: you can take a walk in the valley of the brook, taste refreshing spring water, roam on marked hiking trails or climb up to the Eötvös look-out tower, from where there is a view of Lake Balaton. If you look for greater challenges, you can try ‘conquering’ the Ördög Cliff. You can tour the 3 hiking rails in the village: the Wine Tour with some To(u)rture, the Sacred Places – Sacred Wells or the Village Walk. You can recover your strength after the tiring tours and trips in the wine-cellars hiding among the vineyards, with the help of a glass of fine wine. Since the area is rich in game, you can take part in huntings, too. There are a number of cultural programmes in the village waiting for you: with the Valley of Arts Festival being the largest of them, however, you can also visit the performances of local drama groups, folk dance ensembles and choirs. The vintage procession, the carnival gaieties and the village fair are among the major traditional events.

How to come here

The village is situated along the road that connects Tapolca with Veszprém, in the valley of the Eger Brook, 36 kilometres from Veszprém and 12 kilometres from Tapola. It is easily accessible by bus and coach. It does not have a railway station. The nearest railway station can be found in Tapolca.


Öreg-bükk tanösvény; Falumúzeum; Nepomuki Szent János római katolikus templom; Varga Malom; Almádi Apátság monostor rom; Tőzegmoha; Boncsos-tető; Tufa bánya; Széles-forrás; Eger-patak; Macska hegy

Polgármesteri hivatal / Önkormányzat elérhetősége

Közös önkormányzati hivatal

8296 Monostorapáti, Petőfi u. 1.

Tel.: +36 87 435055