Megyer is located in the Marcal Basin, on the left bank of River Marcal. Interestingly, it is Hungary’s smallest settlement. Visitors are welcome with colourful programmes: for example, they can get loose at the Megyer Camp Festival at the beginning of July. Or they can try local culinary delights characterised by the number 3: they can choose from 3 totally different local cooking styles or try all of them. In winter you can take part in pig-killing. You can see native animals in the manor of the village. You can take long walks on the beautiful bank of River Marcal and tour the area by bicycle. You will have the chance to ride a horse and if you are a hunter, the locals will be delighted to show you the best lurking places and will even escort you and roam the region with you. Another curiosity is that you can experience the festival atmosphere of the apple harvest.

How to come here

It is accessible by car on road no. 84 exiting from major road no. 8, towards Sümeg. It does not have a railway station; the nearest railway station can be found in Ukk (Tapolca-Szombathely railway line). It is also accessible by bus and coach.



Polgármesteri hivatal / Önkormányzat elérhetősége

Megyer Önkormányzat

8348 Megyer Fő u. 5.

Tel.: +36 (30) 4598191

Fax.: +36 (87)457260