Magyarpolány is a village situated in a picturesque area surrounded by the forests of the Bakony Hills: this is a place where mountains and plains meet. The village has retained its original structure: one of its main streets runs east to west, while the other one goes from north to south, thus creating a framework for the settlement. This is the reason why Petőfi Street with its houses was declared national heritage. You can easily discover the signs of the unique Bakony architecture on the buildings, including porches and parapets. The peasant houses have been given the Europa Nostra Award. One of the buildings hosts a Country House which is used both as a museum and an arts&crafts house, for the residents of Magyarpolány are still active when it comes to preserving heritage: there are a lot of craftsmen living and working in the village, who are happy to show you their skills. You can have a religious insight if you walk along the various Stations of the Cross on the hillside. From the top, you can see a nice view of the village and the surrounding landscape. You can also see press houses and vineyards stretching on the slopes of Mt. Hosszú. You can take a trip on the marked hiking trails starting in the village.

How to come here

The village is accessible on major road no. 8, exiting at the Ajka-Bakonygyepes junction. It is easily accessible also by bus and coach. It does not have a railway station; the nearest railway station can be found in Ajka.


Tájház és Alkotóház; Pajta Galéria; Kálvária-hegy és kápolna (stációkkal); Bakonyi népi műemlék parasztházak; Öreg-hegy;Szent-kút; Hosszúhegy; Kézművesség, népi mesterségek; Szent László Római Katolikus Plébániatemplom; Máncz-hegy

Contact of the local government

Common Local Government Office ofMagyarpolányi

8449 Magyarpolány Dózsa György u. 6.

Tel.: +36 (88) 503820

Fax.: +36 (88) 503820