Királyszentistván is situated at the north-eastern part of Lake Balaton, in the valley of the Séd Brook. There is a wonderful view of the Bakony Hills and Lake Balaton from the village. The village is said to have been the place where Prince Stephen and Koppány fought their historic battle. This village associated with our first king is a founder member of the St. Kings’ League which includes settlements named after Hungarian kings in Hungary and abroad. The rocks of Mt. Sukori pose a real challenge for mountain climbers. You can take a nice walk in the St. Stephen’s Park and take a rest in the summer-house. In the Middle Ages there were three water mills in the village, however, only one of them can be visited today. The protected Mill Valley extends along the watercourse of the Séd Brook: if you are silent, attentive and patient enough, you can see bee-eaters here. In summer the sea of feather grass dancing in the wind provides a spectacular sight.

How to come here

It does not have a railway station, however, it is accessible by coach and by car on minor road 72 exiting from main road no. 8.



Contact of the local government

Litér-Királyszentistván Községek Körjegyzőség Királyszentistváni Kirendeltsége

8195 Királyszentistván, Fő u. 32-34.

Tel.: +36-88/589-921