Kapolcs lies in the Káli Basin Landscape Protection Area, in a beautiful area spiced with the romantic springs and forests of the Eger Valley. What is curious about the village is that, in line with the traditions of the age, it was named after a defeated Cumanian leader. It was famous for its highly-developed handicraft traditions as early as the 19th century. Local craftsmen maintain these traditions: potters, smiths, basket-makers, wood carvers, carpet-makers, coopers, broom-makers, bricklayers… You can also try these activities: all you need is make an appointment with the craftsmen or visit the ‘Valley of Arts’ Festival. Besides demonstrating handicraft traditions, this event offers a number of cultural programmes and you can also buy local products in the handicraft market. There were several mills operating in Kapolcs in the past: you can visit the few that have remained during a pleasant walk in the village. The Country Park offers a unique experience: you can study our famous monuments with the help of a set of model buildings and enjoy the wonders of architecture. You can take great tours in the Káli Basin Landscape Protection Area.

How to come here

The village has no railway stations, however, it is accessible by coach and by car on minor road 84 exiting from main road no. 8.


City Museum and Photo Gallery, Crystal Museum of Ajka and a factory visit, Mining Museum, Park Forest, Crystal Bath, City Park, ‘Nomádia’ Leisure Park, Casino Park, Torna stream, monument churches.

Contact of the local government

Common Local Government Office of Kapolcs

8294 Kapolcs Kossuth u. 62.

Tel.: +36 (87) 437029

E-mail: kapolcs.hivatal@gmail.com