Gaja Valley natural beauty and favorable geological, climatic, hydrologic environment lies in this wonderful village. The Gaja brook nearly 2 km long, deep and steep-walled canyon waterfall.

In the Middle Ages settlement it progressed, but the monastery and the church were destroyed during the Turkish occupation. The village and the abbey's possessions were in 1650 and they rebuilt the village into the hands of Zichy family.

July 31, 1862 the village was burnt down. 1858, the village was owned by the Zichy family, and finally in 1903 together with his 67 Jásdi farmer in the noble estate.

The outskirts of town when a nine water mill worked. It is interesting that our country is located in one of the oldest place of pilgrimage.


Village Museum, Parish Church, Holy Well, Gaja Gorges, Roman Baths, Poos mill, Csiklingcastle, Avar rampart, Rubányi vineyard, Great Quarries

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