Herend lies in a basin surrounded by hills, on the borderline between the North and the South Bakony Hills. The town can boast of the Herend Porcelain Manufactory which produces world-famous porcelain ware. The Porcelain Manufactory has a long history: production started as early as 1826 under the management of Vince Stingl. The plant witnessed great demand for its products as early as the beginning of the 20th century and won awards and recognition at several world expos and fairs. The major customers of the factory included the English and the Austrian royal families. The Herend porcelain is unique because it is hand painted: professionals who have reached the highest levels of their profession prepare these special decorations. At the Manufactory Visitor Centre, you can have an insight into the secrets of producing this ‘white gold’ or try making porcelain roses within the scope of creative workshops, for example. You can also take a rest or a trip in the surroundings of the town: if you climb Mt. Hajag, you can explore the local fauna and flora, enjoy the fresh air or look for the traces of the events of the recent past.

How to come here

It is accessible by car on road no. 8. A number of bus lines stop here. You can also reach it on the Szombathely-Székesfehérvár-Budapest railways line.


Minimanufaktúra és Porcelánművészeti Múzeum; Herendi Majolikagyár; Sziget-kúti-árok; Királyfa-árok; Bükk-szár-kút; Hímrét; Pihenőpark; Szent Euszták Római Katolikus Templom

Contact of the local government

Common Local Government Office of Herend

8440 Herend, Kossuth u. 97.

Tel.: + 36 (88) 513700

Fax.: + 36 (88) 5137056