Halimba is a small village lying in the South Bakony region. Mining used to be the main source of living for local residents in the old days. Today this can be witnessed only in the Mining Collection, for only a small part of the people living here are engaged in mining. The opencast rock collection forming a part of the exhibition will take you to the world of geology. Dean Dr. Miklós Szalai, who is called ‘the herb dean’ by the locals, lived and worked in this village. He had an extensive knowledge of the curative effects of herbs and his herbal collection included more than 1,100 plant species. He summarised all he knew in a work titled ‘The Halimba Herb Book’. Today tea blends prepared according to his recipes are sold here and his work and achievements are presented in a memorial house within the scope of an exhibition in Halimba. You can learn about herbs in the educational centre not only through a single visit but also in camps organised here. There are several hiking trails in the village (The Way of Clean Water and Clear Wine, The Way of Trades, Herbal Tour), which, if you complete them, will show you the past and present of the village.

How to come here

The village is accessible on the road between Ajka and Nyirád (a minor road). It is easily accessible by bus and coach. It does not have a railway station; the nearest railway station is in Ajka.


Dr. Szalai Miklós Emlékház és Helytörténeti Gyűjtemény, Falumúzeum és Oktatókert; Bauxitbányászati Gyűjtemény; Hagyásfás terület - védett növények; Kövületek; Felhagyott bányagödrög; Horgásztavak; Boltoskő-szikla; Malom-völgy; Láp-terület; Szent-Vendel-kápolna

Contact of the local government

Common Local Government Office of Halimba

8452 Halimba Petőfi u. 16.

Tel.: +36 88 503420

Fax.: +36 88 237003

E-mail: halimba@vazsonykom.hu