Balatonkenese is the gate of Lake Balaton: if you enter the settlement, you can enjoy a fascinating view from here. You can see the eastern part of Lake Balatonand the seemingly endless mass of water as it gets lost in the horizon. There is a long green strip of land reaching into the water where, in clear weather, you can also see the silhouette of the Tihany Abbey. The settlement shows a different face in each season: in summer the clean water, the warmth of sunshine and the fresh air invigorate holiday-makers. In autumn, you can take a bike ride in nature dressed in a multitude of brilliant colours, in winter you can skate on the frozen lake or go fishing sitting around an ice hole, while in spring you can explore the blooming of the protected Tatarican colewort on the educational pathway. You can also learn about the heritage of the long-standing history of Balatonkenese: the so-called ‘Tartar Holes’ carved into the wall of the high shore served as a shelter for local residents escaping from the Tartars and the Turks. You can still see some of them. This was the port where István Széchenyi called at in 1846 with the Kisfaludy steam boat. The port is still operating, so you can take part in a romantic boat or sailboat tour. You can also enjoy an array of colourful programmes, including the Tatarican Colewort Festival, the Gate Opening Festival, the Letcho Festival, films and concerts.

How to come here

You can approach Balatonkenese on motorway M7 from the direction of Budapest, exiting the motorway at Balatonvilágos and taking road 71. There is a bicycle pathway crossing the settlement and a lot of streets with low traffic within the village are suitable for cycling. By rail, you can get here on the railway line between Székesfehérvár-Balatonfüred-Tapolca. It is connected with Siófok and Balatonalmádi by a regular boat service.


Tájház; Balatonkenesei Tátorjános; Parragh Kert - örökzöld gyűjtemény; Tátorján tanösvény Balatonkenese; Magas-part; Kilátóhely (Magas-part); Márkó-hegy; Sándor-hegy; Soós-hegy; Tatárlikak

Contact of the local government

Common Local Government Office of Balatonkenese

8174 Balatonkenese, Béri Balogh Ádám tér 1.

Tel.: +36 88 481087