Ajka is situated in the middle of the Transdanubian region, on the south-west slope of the Bakony. Earlier the city was generally known as an industrial city, but now its economic structure has changed and it is an educational and service centre in the small region. Walking in the city visitors can see colourful facades, parks full of flowers and fountains. The inhabitants are extremely proud of the public statues that have been made by excellent Hungarian sculptors. So they are absolutely worth visiting. The City Museum and Photo Gallery and the City Park store the memories of the years spent in Ajka of Borsos Miklós, sculptor, Molnár Gábor, traveller, and Fekete István, writer and well-known hunter. Several local museums deal with the industrial history of the town: Mining Museum is the first open air museum of Hungary’s technological history. The Crystal Museum of Ajka exhibits the history of glass making and the most beautiful products manufactured in the town. Crystal Bath, Campsite and Covered Swimming Pool are situated in the beautiful green are of the City Park to provide the opportunity of active relaxing in the summer and winter.


You can access Ajka on Road 8 from Veszprém and Szombathely, or on the railway route of Székesfehérvár-Veszprém-Szombathely.


City Museum and Photo Gallery, Crystal Museum of Ajka and a factory visit, Mining Museum, Park Forest, Crystal Bath, City Park, ‘Nomádia’ Leisure Park, Casino Park, Torna stream, monument churches.

Contact of the local government

Common Local Government Office of Ajka

Tel.: +36 88/521-101

E-mail: polgarmester@hivatal.ajka.hu