The magic of winter hiking

Who would like to walk in the winter forest or simply to revive on the fresh air, has got great possibilities in the area of the Bakony and Balaton region. The nature lovers visit often the forests of the Bakony, where are waiting for them numerous hiking trails. It is an amazing adventure to hike on this routes in winter. The forest gives in winter a very different picture with the frosted trees and with the footprints of wild animals in the snow.

We can customize the route according to our desire, or make a tour on one of the stage of the National Blue Trail, which crosses our region. 5 routes are available in a total length of 177 km.

Another possibility is the memorial tour of Dr Rómer Flóris, who was an excellent researcher of the Bakony and the founder of archaeology in Hungary. The memorial route is indicated by a green stripe and is 72.5 km long.

Who would like to screw around again as the children, should anyway brig along the sledge. On the snow-covered slopes, it is a good recreation, and the good mood is guaranteed.

Apropo children! Their favorite will be sure the nature trails that reserve many interesting knowledge.

And one more tip for adventurers: a really unique experience is the night hiking under the stars. When else if not in the winter?