Wine culture


Folly Arboretum and Winery

Peace, flowers, freedom, happiness: the 4th generation of Folly Arboretum and Winery has surely preserved these important features from its ancestors. You will be guided through the process from pine trees to wooden barrels, and you can purchase light, fresh, dry white wines.

8257 Badacsonyörs Kápolnavölgyi út 25.

Tel.: +36-70-338-7377



Pálffy Wine Terrace

Köveskál has many popular joints, but the Pálffy Wine Terrace, located on the western edge of the gastro village, is by far the best in one category. From the small hill rising next to the cellar building you can see the entire Káli Basin, flocks of sheep are grazing nearby and the rustic idyll deserves five starts for sure.

8274 Köveskál, Fő utca 40.

Tel.: +36 30 927 5713; E-mail:

Trombitás Winery

Globetrotting artist-winemaker Tamás Trombitás has founded a wine house in Szentbékkálla, and it's no wonder he has left his mark on everything around here. He renovated the building himself, and he designs the labels of the wine bottles.

8281 Szentbékkálla, Jókai utca 1.

Tel.: +36 20 331 5089

Káli Kövek Winery

The winery Káli Kövek in Köveskál is lokated in the heart of the fabulous Káli Basin, and follows the traditional way of winemaking.

8274 Köveskál, Fő utca 11.

Tel.. +36 30 217 2019, +36 30 842 6995



Kreinbacher Estate

The unique building of the winery is eye catching. Somló’s Kreinbacher Estate has an iconic, contemporary design, to fulfill all the needs of the modern traveller. In addition to the Somló wines they bring new quality to the colourful world of Hungarian sparkling wine.

Tel.: +36 88 506 212, Fax: +36 88 506 213


Winery Tornai

The winery Tornai has been for three generations a determining winery of the Somló hill. In the domed, intimate cellar we can taste the most delicious wines with their presentation of an expert.

Cím: Somlójenő, külterület hrsz. 1248, 8478

Tel.: +36 70 3399 822;; E-mail:

Winery Várkapitány

The Winery Várkapitány is lokated at the foot of Somló mountain, with its distinctive building, built according to the plans of Imre Makovecz. The wines produced here are characteristic. Because of the volcanic origin of the wine growing region, emerges especially the mineral character of the wines.

Tel.: +36 20 9821396


Palace Cellar Handcraft Winery

The centuries-old wine cellar is unique in the region. The curiosity of the wine tasting is that guests can taste these wines, which are no longer for sale , or never were on the shelves of the stores.

Egly Márk

Tel.: +36 70 363 4367


Magyar Tamás

Tel.: +36 70 315 2817



Lidia Winehouse

Agile tribute to his great-grandmother memory of the winery's name was Lidia Winehouse.

8251 Zánka, Rákóczi street 112.

Phone: +36 30 939 6062;