Pigsticking on the Tündérfarm

The pig-feast is similar everywhere, but here's it special. This picksticking remains long in our memories as a beautiful experience. Good humor, jokes and tasty delicacies make the day memorable.

The slaughter program:

Friday: Arrival, fruit and salad as a preparation


6:30 the pig-feast starts. Until the breakfast you can taste roasted skin and roasted onion blood.

9:00 breakfast: roasted liver, potatoes and homemade pickle.

13:00 lunch: fried meat with rice and potatoes, homemade pickle and pancakes

After the lunch we will make blood sausage, liver sausage and pig cheese, then we fry the greaves.

19:00 dinner: meat soup, black blood sausage, and other homemade sausage types


9:00 Breakfast

This program is valid from November till March.


The slaughter is a good program for the colleagues, and the work and cooperation make a cohesion in the team. We recommend it regardless of age or gender.

Prior notification required!

Further information:

Bakonyi Tündér Farm

8420 Zirc – Tündérmajor, Fő utca

GPS koordináták: 47015’30”N; 17050’38”E

Mobil: +36 70 413 0088; +36 30 405 5000

E-mail: bakonyitunderfarm@gmail.com

Web: www.tunderfarm.hu