Völgyikút Restaurant

The Völgyikút Restaurant welcomes guests longing for gastronomic delights in the town centre of Veszprém, in a reconstructed natural environment. Its kitchen endeavours to provide everybody with something that suits their taste, so you can find both traditional, local dishes and modern, healthy food, including an offering for people who are sensitive to certain ingredients. Besides the restaurant, the house tries to meet the guests’ requirements with a number of other services: you can stay in the pension, get refreshed in the wellness section, actively recreate in the bowling alley and coffee house or be even more beautiful at the hairdresser’s. We offer a full-scale experience and relaxation.

Contact Information

8200 Veszprém, Kopácsi u. 2.

Tel.: +36 88 424666

E-mail: etterem@volgyikut.hu