Gusto13 Bistro & Delicate

The Gusto13 and Delicate at the site of the Chianti restaurant, taking over its spirit, new environment, but the same team launched.

„We think there is something appetizing when a man in a bistro is surrounded by quality delicatessen products. This also means that the quality of the raw material is further strengthened, but there remains a kind of gastronomy on the Italian themed, slightly simpler and more favorable consumer price, a kind of Hungarian and Mediterranean cuisine. There will be pizza again, which makes it more intimate, in a sense, more ordinary face! And as you have lunch or dinner, you can put together what you're going to do home to blend into something delicious. "

On their menu, there are still special culinary delicacies, including Italian breakfasts, children's menus and pizzas.


The bistro is not just a bistro this is a shop for gourmets, where you can find everything – and if not, then the staff will be glad to get you for the next time! Not only can you choose from various international flavours and delicacies here but you can also explore the quality goods of local farmers, which you can taste on the spot. This way it may be easier to choose. The shelves are filled with jams, honey, spices, salty and sweet curiosities and you can select a wine matching the cheese curiosities in taste and quality or you can have a cup of fine coffee while thinking over what else you might need from this endless repository of flavours.

Contact information:

8200 Veszprém, Csermák Antal utca 13.

Tel.: +36 88 410 385