Bagolyvár Inn

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A beautifully renovated, Baroque-style heritage-listed building welcomes guests in the town centre of Zirc. You can have local (Bakony Hills) dishes in the cosy restaurant located downstairs in the mellow building and you can even prepare your own lunch in the open kitchen area. Furthermore, from Monday to Friday, fine menu offerings await new and returning guests! A large garden area makes this place even more spacious, and if you go upstairs, you can see a local heritage exhibition telling stories about the past and present of the building and the town. Those interested can visit temporary exhibitions as well. The aim of the development project of the house is to restore the inn and the supporting buildings to their historically authentic state, with two hotel buildings being built next to the restaurant and the exhibition area. It is worth returning from time to time, so that you will not miss anything!

Contact Information

8420 Zirc, Kossuth u. 35.

Tel.: +36 20 281 3442