Gastro Village

They say Köveskál the middle of the Kali Basin. Well, we think straight center of the world! Not far from the waves of Lake Balaton, Zánka slopes of vineyards collect the sunlight, mineral, giving special wines. In the distance, the Hegyestű watching, close to the sea is Szentbékkálla stone, gently winding roads leading to the border Köveskál from all directions. You can arrive by car, on two wheels or on horseback, or even come north to south, they are always welcome.

In winter, the cold smoke aroma and unearthly silence receive. The pathogenic hot soup in the kitchen of people, orrunkig worth of fragrance. The Palffy cellar cask Furmint spend the taste Kali Basin causes summers smile. Kövirág leaning against tiled always feels good written with chalk on the board for the current menu to browse: difficult to decide again, but poorly impossible. In the evening, crisp linen and covers these lavender scent after a hot bath in a room of the Kali Art Inn. Good to listen to the silence.

In spring, then everything is full of life, and those who live here have not rested! Open the gates and pruned vines, hoe the land, plants sprang stem, blooming almond trees, csinosodnak the terraces. And guests can come, see them on the side of the hill Wheel Bar, from there, watching from beside the shady table as a bicycle approaching. Upon arriving home cool syrup and sipped the finest chamber peck.

Opening a can-loading, buzzing out of the garden, it is filtered out of the conversation and the clink of cutlery from the arched courtyard entrance. In addition to the beef stew in red cuvée, Trumpeter Cellar Jet, Trigona is offered. We believe in them, and how well you do!

The Palffy Pince terrace is in bloom, well away from the border of the village bear sitting next to the smoked trout while sipping rivals: it's called the Cellar Riesling, Furmint grapes. A real specialty, it feels good to linger over a glass.

A little further along the main street - it could be the Kali basin is Váci street - calling weathervane in front of the gate of the Garden of Stones Kali. Gyula Szabó winemaker reseda waiting to be steamy cup of hot weather as he fills the wooden garden table. And tell, wines, grapes, harvest about, cheese and sausage unwanted side and just listen.

In contrast to the Kali Art Inn fairy-garden under the shady terrace lugasos already preparing the dessert. Marcell Koll chef is putting the finishing touches to the kitchen, made with fresh and seasonal ingredients, and for the result can only be enthusiastic. After that coffee acts, allegedly one of the best in the area! Then relax, but only for dinner, if we look back yet, exciting multi-course meals can we turn next to the Balaton area's best wines.

The Stone Flower is unloaded in the courtyard of the white chairs and opened umbrellas. Look, there are still just two places will be good to hurry, because the spring and summer this is a rarity. The daily deal we do not know in advance, but may be pleasantly surprised only. To her we entrust ourselves to the chef's liking and we hope we will make it our mood. In addition to the sun-soda drink, roséból, roszog gravel underfoot, sit when you play it the way while. We hope there is still a lemon cakes with almond mousse!