Village feast in Nemesvámos

A small village is situated near Veszprém. This is Nemesvámos. Visitors will find unique treasures here that are difficult to discover in our fast-moving world. You will find hospitality, peace and real smile here. Every feast is a real celebration here as locals are happy to share the treasures of the place with the visitors. The region is well-know of its local traditions which are revived in the Village Feasts. There is real home-made Hungarian pálinka and wine that can be the crown on a pork lunch or dinner. Those wishing specialties baked in a furnace or would try locally made cheese are at the right place. You can rediscover forgotten flavours and atmosphere that may be completed at night with dancing feasts and traditional programmes.

Visit Nemesvámos and take the experiences you gain here with you to your everyday routine.

Kovács Csaba (local producer)
8248 Nemesvámos, Csárda u. 1.
+36 30 947 07 80

Bakony and Balaton Regional Tourism Nonprofit Ltd.
+36 20 219 32 60