Festivals for every week

The cultural life is increasingly sparkly: it’s May. Every week comes a new miracle, a new festival. And what is the best therein? Clearly, the diversity, the choice is in fact compelling.

Consider the programs!

The Gisela-days are a kind of art and folklore festival, which is held annually in honor of Queen Gisela. Folk-dance show and handicraft market, family entertainments, classical music, exhibitions and processions, mediaeval traditions and renaissance programs, folklore groups representing the colourful minority-cultures in Hungary, offer a unique chance to spend a few spring days in Veszprém.

From Veszprém we travel to Sümeg, where the 2. Chestnut Blossom Festival awaits with pop concerts, folk music and folk dance, theatre plays, classical music, handcraft exhibitions and gastronomy.

Our way lead us to Balatonkenese, to the Tátorján (Tartar Bread) Festival. The rare plant has the biggest colony here. In connection to its blooming a festival welcomes the visitors. Wandering paths with information boards help you to find the right way to the top of the Soós-Hill to the plant. Enjoy the wonderful panorama and attend the performances! On Sunday an adventure game is organized for families and friends.

So we come again in Veszprém, where the Festival of dance awaits the lovers of dance art with the greatest contemporary dance artists in Hungary. The best dance groups and performers enchant the audiences during the days of the festival, which is regarded as a prestige event for the profession.