Bakony House (Veszprém)

Next to the Laczkó Dezső Museum appears an unusual building: a porched farmhouse in the heart of the city. This is the Bakony House, which is one of the first outdoor ethnographic museum in the Transdanube area, preserve the old values and enrich new, modern experiences. Visitors get acquainted whit ethnobotanical garden, the kitchen and the various exhibitions whit audio guide and mobile tools as well.

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Csikász Gallery (Veszprém)

The building situated in the castle was named after György Simoga, a famous lawyer who had it built. It was constructed in late Baroque style at the very end of the 18th century. Today it hosts exhibitions. On the ground floor, the Csikász Gallery accommodates temporary exhibitions featuring the works of art of contemporary artists and creators.

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Dubniczay-house (Veszprém)

The building, which is situated in the centre of the castle, opposite the Archbishop’s Palace and was renovated in 2006 with the help of EU funds, is one of Veszprém’s nicest late Baroque sights. The House hosts a selection of the art collection of Károly László, a Hungarian collector who lives in Switzerland, by the title of ‘From the Academy to Pop Art’. The Castle Gallery, the temporary exhibitions of the Granary as well as the Tegularium can be found in the left wing of the building.

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Cozy streets, beautiful views, smiling people, sunshine and lots of sights - this is Veszprém! In this unique town, it is a real experience to walk - especially when our attendant is a mysterious barber. We can also taste the finest local meals or hear funny stories about the difficult years of the second half of the 20th century... ImagineVeszprém's goal is to get everyone closer to the city, and at the end of the walks to discover: it is enough to get started differently and the cities finally reveal their fearsome secrets. We are always looking forward to welcoming everyone with our light-hearted, but yet substantial themed walks.
Ready to go?

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Minimanufactory and Porcelain Museum (Herend)

Herend can be found a 25-minute drive from the Lake Balaton and a 10-minute drive from Veszprém. This small town makes home for world-famous Porcelain Manufacture, main attraction of which is the imposing Porcelanium Visitor Centre, where the visitors can get acquainted with the background of production of world-famous luxury porcelain amused but in its depth. Within walls of the buliding Minimanufacture, Museum, restaurant and café, as well as brand-name shop are waiting for inquirer, who show interest in one of our most famous Hungaricum.


50% discount off the admission fee is offered for the combination ticket (Minimanufactory and Museum) for adults, students, pensioners and families.

Hősök Kapuja (Veszprém)

The heroes~gaste was inaugurated in 1939 and it was renovated in 2013 and it provides now place for an exhibition where the visitors can get acquainted with the history of the building, with the stories of events and heroes in veszprém, during the Hungarian Revolution and War of Independence of 1948-49, the World War I and II, as well as the Hungarian Revolution of 1956


12-57 % discount fron the entry ticket depending on the type of the ticket
For more information see the schedule at page 21: +36 20 219 3260

Guided tours in Veszprém

These guided tours feature the major sights of the town both to people living in Veszprém and tourists. You can also take part in thematic sightseeing tours, such as the Religious Heritage of Veszprém or the Town of Legends. Guides are available through the Tourinform Office in Veszprém. Scheduled sightseeing walking tours are also organised.

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Kabóca Puppet Theatre (Veszprém)

The performances of the Puppet Theatre can be seen in Veszprém, in various community centres, cultural institutions, at festivals and professional events. They hold puppetry shows for babies, children of kindergarten age and schoolchildren. The Kabóciádé Family Festival and the Tale Festival are organised every year. The Puppet Theatre hosts the Kabóca House which is a playhouse available for children under the age of 3 and their parents.

Discount: 1 free child ticket per adult ticket.

Laczkó Dezső Museum (Veszprém)

The Laczkó Dezső Museum tells stories about Veszprém County to the world and stories about the world to the people of Veszprém County: tales, stories and real life events about the past, the present and the future. The collection of the museum featuring 330,000 pieces embraces the ethnographic, archaeological, historical, artistic, cultural and literary heritage of Veszprém and Veszprém County.

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Closed for renovaiton.

Petőfi Theatre (Veszprém)

The mellow old building of the Theatre was built according to the plans of István Medgyaszay and was opened on 17th September 1908. Since then, numerous exciting, contemporary and foreign plays have been performed here, in addition to classic pieces. Excellent artists do their best to make the performances unforgettable. The theatre offers a colourful array of performances for theatre-goers and children’s plays for youngsters.

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Rőthy Mihály Church History Collection (Kislőd)

You can find a stunningly rich collection of crosses if, on your way through the South Bakony, you stop in Kislőd along main road no. 8 and drop in the museum exhibiting the church history collection of the village. The museum was founded by Parson László Markója. A beam with the date ‘1402’ on it is a valuable piece of the collection. This piece was brought here by German settlers when they migrated from their homeland to this region. It made them remember their old, medieval church.

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Salesianum – Archbishopric’s Touristic Centre (Veszprém)

In its renewed form, the house built at the order of Bishop Márton Bíró Padányi offers a number of exciting and interesting programmes for the entire family. Display workshops can be found downstairs and in the basement, while visitors can take part in a virtual journey in the viewing room and explore the colourful world of herbs. You can see Baroque wall paintings and liturgical objects upstairs and in the attic storey.

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Tapolca Tourinform

Bakony-Balaton BB kártya elfogadóhelyek- Tapolca Tourinform

Tourist Information for tourists and locals year-round Tapolcai the Tourist Information Office. Information about accommodation, dining options, program offers, transport information, Tapolca, Veszprém county, other services.

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Thury-castle (Várpalota)

You can visit nearly ten different permanent and temporary exhibitions here, including the Mining History Collection, a unique collection consisting of nearly a hundred full traditional Hungarian costumes as well as uniforms from various eras. It is worth visiting the castle also as an event centre: you can take part in weddings, concerts and events from the age of the Renaissance.

Discount: free admission

Túrajó - Thematic sightseeing tours and countryside programs

Our thematic walks are about a specific topic that we concentrate on the interested audience in a concentrated but easy-to-use way, so that we can even serve the local patriots. Our programs include the Villamustra (Balatonalmádi, Balatonfüred), the secret places for getting to know the bath culture and the old villas (Veszprém Geopolit, Amusement Park Anno) or even the memory of the Jewish culture (The Jew of Füred, Balatonfüred; Artists, Traders, Rabbis and Martyrs, Veszprém). And who, instead of the built heritage, would be more familiar with nature, can join our NaTur walks (Beteints NaTúra, Betekints NaTúra Kid, Veszprém). Let's go together!

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Fire Tower (Veszprém)

The Castle’s one and only tower from medieval times, the so-called Barbican (the present Fire Tower), stands on the highest peak of Veszprém. Every hour it plays a fine recruiting tune composed by composer Antal Csermák of Veszprém. There is a magical view of the various districts of Veszprém from the balcony of the tower.

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Modern Art Gallery Vass László Collection (Veszprém)

The Vass collection is Hungary’s most valuable collection of works of art by the representatives of constructivism, geometric abstraction and concretism. The permanent exhibition features the works of Jenő Barcsay, István Haraszty, Imre Bak, Francoise Morelett, Alan Charton, Max Bill, Josef Albers and other famous Hungarian and foreign artists.

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Cistercian Abbey and Visitor Centre (Zirc)

The Baroque-style Roman Catholic church is an abbey church still used by the Cistercian monks. The Abbey awaits visitors with an even more colourful array of programmes: the new Visitor Centre aims at presenting the eight hundred-year old history of the Abbey with the help of interactive tools. It is also worth visiting the Basilica Minor, the nationally acclaimed memorial library and the museum of natural sciences.

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