Cistercian Abbey and Visitor Centre in Zirc

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You cannot visit the capital of the Bakony Hills without being struck by the monumental building of the Abbey. And if you have already been here, it is worth coming bac, as you will surely feel the difference!

The Baroque-style Roman Catholic church is an abbey church still used by the Cistercian monks. The Abbey welcomes visitors with an even more colourful array of programmes: the new Visitor Centre aims at presenting the eight hundred-year old history of the Abbey with the help of interactive tools. It is also worth visiting the Basilica Minor, the nationally acclaimed memorial library and the museum of natural sciences. You will not be disappointed!

Opening hours:

9:00-17:00 except Monday

Further information:

8420 Zirc, Rákóczi tér 1.

+36 88 593 675


OSZK Reguly Antal Memorial Library

The library that can be found in the building of the Abbey accommodates the collection of the Cistercian order. The volumes forming the base of the present collection were brought here from Heinrichau by Cistercian monks. Today the collection boasts of 65,000 volumes. 70 of them are incunabula from the 15th century, which is unparalleled in Hungary! The library has books on theology, history, literature, natural sciences and also applied sciences. The institution now operates as a museum and research library: visitors can learn about one of Hungary’s important cultural heritages with the help of professional guides, while researchers can get help for their work in the separate reading room through old books.

Available to visitors:

Museum – guided tours start every half an hour within the normal opening hours (at the beginning of every hour and half an hour later)

Opening hours:

Monday-Saturday 9:00-17:00

Sunday 10:00-12:00 and 14:00-16:00

Further information:

8420 Zirc, Rákóczi tér 1.

+36 88 593 800+36 88 593 800


Collection of Agricultural Technology Heritage

Not far from the Abbey, you can find this collection featuring unique, museum-pieces of agricultural machinery and tools. Here you can learn about a farmer’s life in the 19th and 20th centuries through the authentic devices, tools and machines displayed.

Opening hours:

September 1 - June 30.: Monday-Friday 7:00-14:00

Further information:

8420 Zirc, Szabadság u. 10.

+36 88 595 000 +36 88 595 000


Bakonyi Museum of Natural Sciences of the National Museum of Natural Sciences

The museum on the first floor of the Baroque-style building of the Abbey shows visitors numerous curiosities and treasures of the nature around us. You can explore the fauna, flora and protected areas of the typical Bakony landscape. The mineral exhibition offers a wonderful selection of the rarities of the Carpathian Basin. You can also see the ‘Ice Age Giants in the Bakony Hills’ permanent paleontological exhibition here. In addition, you can take a closer look at the trophies brought down in the area.

Opening hours:


Further information:

8420 Zirc, Rákóczi tér 1.

+36 88 575 300 +36 88 575 300


Reguly Antal Museum and House of Arts and Crafts

The museum and house of arts & crafts – as the name suggests – offers a number of activities and exhibitions to visitors. You can explore the exhibition on the life, journeys and research activities of ethnographer, linguist and folklorist Antal Reguly, who the museum has been named after, and the memorial room of graphic and painter Júlia Bér of Zirc. Currently the works of craftsmen from Zirc and the area are also displayed here at the exhibition ‘Craftsmen and Workshops in the Bakony Hills’. By pre-registration, you can have the chance to try the various crafts in the workshops. Workshops: leather-work, mushroom processing, pottery, wax-chandlery, gingerbread-making, weaving, basketry, smithing, coach-making, bee-keeping.

Opening hours:

Within the Opening hours the tours start every half hour.

March 15 - November 14.: 9:00-12:00 and 13:00-17:00 except Monday

November 15 - March 14.: Tuesday-Friday 10:00-12:00 and 13:00-16:00

Further information:

8420 Zirc, Rákóczi tér 10.

+36 88 415 422+36 88 415 422