House of Our Forefathers - Local Heritage Museum

In addition to the usual local heritage exhibitions, you can see some curiosities as well if you visit one of the major settlements of the Valley of Arts, Taliándörögd – and the library of its museum. The permanent exhibition of the museum that can be found in the building of the Roman Catholic Parsonage presents the local heritage, folk customs, the written records and objects of folk culture and the features of lifestyles in different eras. The exhibition that centres around the period before World War II shows us relics, documents on the history of the local church and the village, cartographic findings and agricultural tools. A stone museum can also be found here. The exhibition on the period after World War II displays objects collected in the village and in its surroundings, ranging from coins, flags and records kept by construction crews to a library with eight thousand volumes, including the books of Stalin and Mao.

Opening hours: pre-registration required.

Further information:

8295 Taliándörögd, Kossuth u. 30.

+36 87 537 005