Country House - House of Gábor Tamás Vitéz (local heritage collection)

The house presents the life of the former owner, one of the noble persons of Szentgál, while the museum exhibits the original furniture and articles for personal use. The costumes of the age are displayed on life-size mannequins. You can also see the crockery of local potters from the end of the 19th century, the wooden carvings of shepherds from Szentgál, the Bakony style ‘white embroideries’ with local patterns, photos of the life of the village, the hunting relics of the descendants of royal hunters, ladies’ and men’s clothes, prayer books and psalms in German and Hungarian, certificates and a demobilisation charter from the age of emperor Franz Joseph. One of the rooms of the local heritage collection is devoted to the work of linguist Lajos Lőrincze.

Opening hours: pre-registration is required.

Further information:

8444 Szentgál, Malom u. 10.

+36 88 238 558