Birthplace of Sándor Kisfaludy

You can visit permanent exhibitions and a memorial collection dedicated to our great poet, Sándor Kisfaludy, who was born and died in Sümeg, in the town museum which was once the birthplace of the poet and his and his young wife, Róza Szegedy’s home: ceramics from Sümeg, the works of potter Patonai, a church heritage collection, a Darnay memorial collection, a Sass Brunner memorial exhibition, ceramics by Margit Kovács, porcelain objects and statues.

Opening hours::

May 1 -September 30.: Tuersday-Sunday 10:00-18:00

October 1 -April 30.: Monday-Friday 8:00-16.00

Further information:

8330 Sümeg, Kisfaludy S. tér 4.

+36 87 550 277


Patonai Pottery

In this house, you can have an insight into pottery as a traditional folk craft. The works of potter Ferenc Patonai reflect old Sümeg traditions as well as ancient styles and patterns. He opened his private collection to the public in 1979.

Opening hours: pre-registration is required.

Further information:

8330 Sümeg, Rákóczi u. 16.

+36 87 351 526

Exhibition of the Radetzky Hussar Association of the Balaton Uplands

The arched, Baroque-style stable standing at the foot of the Castle Hill was built in the 1700s, when Márton Bíró Padány was the bishop here. There were also dwelling houses belonging to this compelling building. The first level stands on stone pillars and is used as a stable today. In addition, the permanent exhibition of the Radeczky Hussar Association is also housed here.

Available to visitors: all year round, free of charge.

Further information:

8330 Sümeg, Vároldal u. 5.

+36 87 550 087


Sümeg Castle

The Castle, which was built at the order of King Béla IV facilitating the construction of castles after the Tartar invasion, has always played a central role in the history and development of the town. The attractions of the Castle include: exhibition on the history of warfare (Hungarian weapons from the 15th century), waxworks (demonstrating medieval instruments of torture), Rédey memorial room – the cannons of Áron Gábor; smithy, cooperage, medieval kitchen, chapel, mint.

Opening hours:

November-April: 9:00-16:00

May-June and September-October: 9:00-17:00

July-August: 8:00-19:00

Further information:

8330 Sümeg, Vár

+36 87 352 737

Bishop's Palace

The Baroque-style Bishop’s Palace, which was built on a then-200-year-old wine-cellar in the golden age of Sümeg, when Márton Bíró Padányi was the bishop here, stands on the southern slope of the Castle Hill. The original furnishing of the palace and Padányi’s painting collection have been lost or scattered, however, the remains of the ceiling frescos, ceiling stuccos and the original wooden flooring can be seen in several of the rooms. The palace is being renovated and permanent as well as temporary exhibitions of the fine arts can be visited in the already refurbished rooms (Sümeg Gallery, the graphics of Gyula Kajári, permanent exhibitions of glass artist Márton Horváth and Canadian artist Frederick Hagan).

Opening hours: pre-registration is required.

Further information:

8330 Sümeg, Szent István tér 8.

+36 30 855 9097