Esterházy Palace

You can find the palace roughly in the middle of the town. A late Gothic style manor house used to stand on the site of the building. The present palace was built in the 16th century and exhibits the characteristics of the late Baroque style and Eclecticism. In the past, it was used as a stronghold – however, the Turks never occupied it –, then, later as a granary and in the 19th century it was extended by a two-storey tower and a chapel.

It is worth exploring the building from the inside, for it accommodates one of Hungary’s most beautiful libraries. The original elements of the building have been harmoniously integrated into the present rooms: you can see a well carved Renaissance fireplace in the hall and you can enter the rooms of the library through a Renaissance door. There you can take a closer look at other Renaissance elements and details. In the entrance hall of the library, László Marton’s work, the bust of poet László Nagy can be seen. It is worth discovering the yard as well, where the carved rim of the well originating from the age of the Renaissance is a real masterpiece. The original well was brought here from Italy by the Csoron Family and is now kept in the Museum of Fine Arts. It is worth scheduling your visit to Devecser in a way that you can visit one of the special concerts organised in the palace.

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8460 Devecser, Várkastély

+36 88 514 620