Nagy László City library and Leisure Centre

Nagy László City library and Leisure Centre welcomes all the quests in a reconstructed, beautiful environment. Theatre performances, concerts and gala performances are provided for children and adults during the year. Also, the building hosts an information centre, a 3D cinema, a library and temporary exhibitions.

Opening hours: during events.


8400 Ajka, Szabadság tér 13.

+36 88 312 946


City Museum and Photo Gallery

This collection of local history presents the geographical environment of Ajka, the activities of local people, the belongings and household tools, industrial tools and archeological finds. Additionally, visitors can get familiar with the characteristics of the flora and fauna of the landscape, the possibilities of utilization of its natural features and the minerals of the neighbourhood.

Further exhibitions of the museum:

Borsos Miklós Memorial exhibition: Borsos Hall showing drawings, small graphics and figurines is a popular venue of presentations, minor events, writer-reader meetings, literature and art ring of friends’ meetings at the same time. Memorial room of Fekete István: Fekete István developed his career as a writer in the farm of Nirnsee Ferenc where he was working as a manager from 1928 in Ajka. The artist’s written memories and belongings, photos, novels and some of his furniture are exhibited in this place.

Memorial room of Molnár Gábor: Molnár Gábor spent most of is childhood in Ajka-Csingervölgy with his grandparents and loved returning to Ajka as an adult. The room exhibits the memories of the traveller writer’s life and his journeys as well as his belongings, the tools of hunting, his manuscripts and novels. The City Photo Gallery in the Museum has been organizing temporary exhibitions for professional and amateur photographers, contributing to the cultural life in Ajka.

Opening hours:

Tuesday - Saturday 9:00-16:00


8400 Ajka, Szabadság tér 19.

+36 88 312 612

Mining Museum

This collection was the first open-air technical museum in Hungary. Its building was recognized as a monument building in 1983 by the National Monuments Authority.

Permanent exhibitions: Engine room, Mine room, Forge, Exhibition room, Tunnel showcase, Fossil and Rock Store.

Opening hours:

Tuesday-Friday 11:00-16:00

Saturday-Sunday 10:00-16:00


8400 Ajka, Parkerdő (N 470 4’ 49.46” E 170 35’ 37.54”)

+36 88 312 946


Crystal Museum

The museum shows the history of glass production and the products manufactured in the glassworks in Ajka. The factory produces unique pieces and cut, colourful glass objects applying an ancient glassblowing technology. The glassworks started to operate in 1878 when the Zichy family transported the glasshouse from Úrkút to Ajka. It was shut down for the period of World War I, but it resumed operation in 1916. Today over 1500 people are employed here manufacturing products well-known in Hungary and all over Europe.

Opening hours: pre-registration required.


8400 Ajka, Alkotmány utca 4.

+36 88 510 520