Advent of Várpalota


Again we came to the end of the year, we went to Advent.

In addition to the final tasks, which will be completed in 2019, we already count the weeks, the days until Christmas.

Despite the rays of the late autumn sun, despite the cooler weather, in the heart of us, with the approaching holiday, love and hope move into the soul. We believe that our childlike, indwelling nature, regardless of age, is thirsting for the miracle.

With this in mind, we invite everyone to a fantastic adventure, a magical and fabulous journey into the center of our city, where the jewel of Thury Castle hosts Advent in Várpalota 2019!

From the 1st of December to the 22nd of April we expect our dear guests throughout the Advent season with an unusual, large-scale program in the afternoon!

Location: Várpalota, Thury Castle