Herbal culture

The Bakony-Balaton Region is a real ‘herbs garden’ where you will certainly find a magical plant matching your mood, physical and mental health or personality, whether you set off towards Halimba, Várpalota or Taliándörögd. These herbs can be consumed in the form of teas or infusions, for pleasure or their healing effects, or you can use them to make your usual dishes more delicious.

The various steps of herb drying and tea blending are demonstrated in the Dr. Szalai Miklós Memorial House in Halimba, while the most typical herbs of the region can be explored in the educational garden. For those who are deeply interested in this topic, courses are organised in the village several times a year.

Further information: Halimba Község Önkormányzata (Local Government of the Village of Halimba)

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