Ilona Malom Műhely

playgrounds, toys, parks, outdoor furniture

Tel.: +36 87 724 884, +36 70 941 1143


8294 Kapolcs, Kültelek 1.

Czeglédiné Budai Katalin

painted furniture and gifts

8422 Bakonynána, Kossuth u. 77.

Tel.: +36 30 300 6292


The Rural Quality Brand

The local farmers, services and self-governements, have established Rural Quality Brand in order to help You in the era of information mass to get to the more hidden places of our region where you can use quality products and services, while meeting the values of the area.

Discover the quality-brand meals, restaurants and handcrafted products from Sümeg through the Valley of Arts, as far as Lake Balaton and int he Bakony.

Search for the quality products and services having the Cooperating Balaton Uplands Brand and the Bakony Lokal Brand.