Foundation of Entertainers in Megyer

egg, syrup, jam, smoked meat products, vegetable, accomodation, countryfoods

8348, Megyer Fő u. 5

Tel.: +36 30 459 8191


Kovács Csaba, Nemesvámos

cheese, yoghurt, butter, other goodies, countryfoods

8248 Nemesvámos, Csárda u. 1.

Tel.: +36 30 947 0780


Tekeresvölgy Handmade Products

cheese, yoghurt, butter, other goodies, countryfoods, accomodation

8248 Nemesvámos, Csárda utca 1.

Tel.: +36 30 947 -0780



countryfoods, smoked meat products, syrup, jam, herbs
8452 Halimba, Dózsa György utca 28.

Tel.: +36 30 227 6966, +36 20 345 6347


The Rural Quality Brand

The local farmers, services and self-governements, have established Rural Quality Brand in order to help You in the era of information mass to get to the more hidden places of our region where you can use quality products and services, while meeting the values of the area.

Discover the quality-brand meals, restaurants and handcrafted products from Sümeg through the Valley of Arts, as far as Lake Balaton and int he Bakony.

Search for the quality products and services having the Cooperating Balaton Uplands Brand and the Bakony Lokal Brand.