Cereals, oils

Pásztor Miklós

german wheat, cold pressed oil, lentil of Vámos

Tel.: +36 30 956 9706

E-mail: agrogreen.okofarm@gmail.com


Peiba Kft.

pumpkinseed oil, pumpkinseed fluor and delicacies

8248 Nemesvámos, Pap István utca 45.

Tel.: +36 20 923 3250

E-mail: peiba@peiba.hu

Biogold Natur Kft.

Production of bio and reform edible oils and oilseeds

8248 Nemesvámos, Kisteleki utca 3-5.

Tel.: +36 88 265367, +36 30 2929 364

E-mail: biogoldnatur@gmail.com

Ódor Imre


Tel.: +36 20 377 9402

E-mail: odortamas77@citromail.hu


Lídia Wine Cellar

wine, wine tasting, grapeseed oil, grapeseed granules

8251 Zánka, Rákóczi út 112.

Tel.: +36 30 544 2238

E-mail: varga.andras@lidiaborhaz.hu

Volf Tibor

grown chemical-free grains, whole wheat flour, millet, pumpkin seeds, pumpkin seed oil, spelled biscuits, pillows tönkölypelyva

8443 Bánd, Petőfi út 98/a.

Tel: + 36 30 9069253

The Rural Quality Brand

The local farmers, services and self-governements, have established Rural Quality Brand in order to help You in the era of information mass to get to the more hidden places of our region where you can use quality products and services, while meeting the values of the area.

Discover the quality-brand meals, restaurants and handcrafted products from Sümeg through the Valley of Arts, as far as Lake Balaton and int he Bakony.

Search for the quality products and services having the Cooperating Balaton Uplands Brand and the Bakony Lokal Brand.