The region

Welcome to the region with Hungary’s most diversified heritage!

Those looking for tranquillity and a peaceful ambience will surely take the Bakony-Balaton Region into their heart. Not only because this area, due to its geographical location, is characterised by a great diversity – it is bordered by the town of Sümeg to the west, the town of Várpalota to the east, the village of Somlószőlős and the town of Zirc to the north, the town of Balatonkenese and the village of Balatonakarattya to the south-east and the town of Tapolca to the south-west – but also because it offers cultural and natural attractions that provide unforgettable experiences.

While Lake Balaton attracts tourists mainly for the attractions of the lakeshore, the Bakony Hills offer great pastimes and activities for bike lovers, those who long for hiking, look for horse programmes and also for the lovers of skiing and sledging during wintertime. Here hikers will find beautiful, romantic pathways and excellent places to gather mushrooms. In addition, the Balaton Uplands area is a significant source of herbs. Bike lovers can go for a ride around Lake Balaton, through picturesque landscapes and if they long for a more difficult terrain, they can try the steep, shady slopes of the Bakony Hills. The downhill track in Eplény can be a real challenge for them. For those wishing for other types of challenges, it seems to be a great idea to try the adventures offered by the attractions of the Sobri Jóska Adventure Park. The choice of horse programmes leaves nothing to be desired in the region, whether it is about learning the basics of horseback-riding, a carriage ride or cross-country riding. The fans of winter sports can use the ski tracks in Eplény, skate on the ice of Lake Balaton or try chair skating which is very popular among children.

Our region is generally characterised by the tourist experience that ‘slow tourism’ offers, which can be considered also as a kind of perspective on life. With its provincial style, this region can be attractive to families which, besides programmes around Lake Balaton, can find a lot of other ways topass the time, such as the zoo in Veszprém which invites visitors with a number of sights and attractions. The Arboretum in Zirc with a nation-wide reputation and the Lake Cave in Tapolca located in the territory of the Balaton Uplands National Park offer further opportunities for entertainment.

Gastronomy lovers will not be disappointed, either, if they visit us, for the area has a lot of delicacies in store for them. While tasting the wines of the Somló region and taking a rest among the grapevines, a wonderful scene unfolds before their very eyes. The area abounds in wine-cellars which, if visited, will certainly maintain your high spirits. Guests fond of local specialities will not need to search for long, since there are a lot of country inns, restaurants and taverns with Hungarian dishes available for them.

Those looking for cultural experiences can take delight in the sights of historical towns, the rich religious heritage of the area and the historical castles, the regular events of which include medieval dinners enjoying a region-wide popularity and tournaments which mean care-free entertainment for the whole family. The programme portfolio of the region, especially in the summer, is made even more colourful by a number of festivals with a national or international reputation, which provide varied artistic experiences for every visitor, from dance to puppet theatres, from jazz to folk music and from world music to classical masterpieces.

In addition, naturally, the shores of Lake Balaton offer numerous opportunities, whether it is about a nice walk on the lakeshore, spending some time on the beach, angling or sailing in sunset. On the shore, the joys offered by Hungarian langós (a fried dough) and hake are inexhaustible and holidays spent on sailboats which also offer accommodation guarantee a special experience.

It is clear from the above that our region is rich in natural, historical and cultural heritage and awaits people wishing for relaxation, recreation and real adventures with other memorable attractions in every season. The mission of the Bakony-Balaton Region is to help people renew their energies with authentic experiences from their explorations enjoying the miracles of life.

Bakony and Balaton – Graceful landscapes, eternal memories