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The Kálmán Kittenberger Botanical and Zoological Garden is a non-Budapest based zoo with a great history and long standing traditions in Hungary opened its gates to the public on the 1st of August 1958. As a result of the active co-operation of local people, the establishment was built within only five months. The most popular tourist destination in the Central Transdanubian Region is located only 15 km from Lake Balaton and can be reached with a short walk from the centre of Veszprém. The Zoo enjoys the unique natural conditions of the valley and offers unforgettable experiences both for children and adults.

The picturesque Fejes Valley houses traditional zoo animals like felidae originating from exotic habitats, huge Kamchatka brown bears, colourful water birds and curiosities such as prosimians from Madagascar, the really special Gelada baboons, a large African spurred tortoise, the always curious ring-tailed coati and the adorable red panda.

One of the children’s favourite places, the custom-designed and built Kids’ Jungle Indoor Play Area and Terrarium can also be found in the Fejes Valley, where children longing for some adventure can crawl and climb, try the sloth course, hop into an animal transfer box, take a rest in the parrot club or use the enclosed slide from there. The play area is surrounded by terrariums and visitors can take a look at unique reptiles through their glass walls.

The latest developments are located in the upper part, the so-called Gulya Hill area, including one of Hungary’s largest and most beautiful Africa savannah runs, where visitors can see zebras, giraffes and a three-member square-lipped rhinoceros family.

The Chimpanzee World, which is an establishment unparalleled in Europe in terms of design and themes and is currently loud with the noise of two chimpanzee gangs, was built next to the savannah run. The chimpanzees are separated from the visitors by a glass wall inside and the huge outdoor monkey run is lined with a water trench.

The Zoo lays special emphasis on teaching the future generations to be environmentally aware. The ‘Böbe’s Monkey School’ Education and Exhibition House, furnished to meet the professional standards of our modern age, accommodates summer camps, extracurricular classes, while visitors are welcome to visit the exhibition area to see the displays which deal with current nature conservation issues.

Besides interesting animals, the Zoo offers other attractions as well, such as animal feeding shows, petting sessions and other events.

In addition to providing information in several languages, the Zoo lays an emphasis on the importance of nature conservation and the protection of animals. It offers educational programmes for children, including outdoor activities, nature education and biology classes as well as summer camps.

Kittenberger Kálmán Növény- és Vadaspark Kiemelten Közhasznú Nonprofit Kft.
Address: 8200, Veszprém Kittenberger utca 17.
Phone: +36 88 566 140, +36 88 566 141
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