Nomadic leisure park, Ajka

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The park is closed!

Only accept registered groups, families and groups of friends.

Those who come to the Bakony-Balaton Region with their family and children will find great programmes and full-day adventures in the Nomadic Leisure Park in Ajka, between Veszprém and Devecser. Children can capture the wooden castle (which, naturally, has a dungeon, an arsenal, a forge, stocks and a knights’ room), use bows and arrows or swords, try a raft and ride a horse, so they can try everything that they have no opportunity to try during the week. In addition, they can enter into the spirit of tales and legends.

Further services:

  • smithery
  • craftsmen’s room
  • fully-furnished yurt
  • snack bar and a baker’s oven with traditional dishes and a barbecue site
  • a separate area used for archery, spear and lance throwing
  • fish pond with fish available for angling and a barbecue site
  • 3D archery
  • horse-riding course, indoor riding hall
  • horse-drawn carriage
  • toys
  • photo-shoots in the costumes of the olden times
  • nomads’ market
  • various skill competitions
  • 30-40 minute historical shows

Nomadic Leisure Park

8400 Ajka, Ipari park Északi szektor 3/1.
+36 30 409 1315, + 36 70 930 3464