Yacht Club of Balatonfő

Do you desire varied relaxation, experiences for a lifetime, seaside romance or water sports? Would you like to travel with friends, your sweetheart or look for a venue for business? You will find all of these in the Yacht Club in Balatonkenese: comfortable rooms, spacious suites overlooking the Balaton, wellness, fitness, delicious gastronomic works of art, romance with the Balaton in the background, adventure and sports facilities. The hotel has a restaurant, cafe, drink bar, conference room, fitness and game room and a wellness club.

Each room is equipped with air-conditioning and cable TV.

In the morning you are provided buffet breakfast (or a’la carte on request) and you can enjoy the comfort of the wellness centre all day.

If you stay more than 3 days at our hotel at the Balaton, you can give a try to our electric motor ships. The wellness centre offers real pampering: infra and Finnish sauna, well-equipped fitness room, aroma cabin and jacuzzi provide refection for body and soul.


Creative and diverse cuisine with famous flavours around the lake.

Our restaurant is characterized by tradition and modernity, modern ingredients, healthy food and the thematic gastronomic weekends hold wonderful surprises.

This place is the main junction of shipmen on the Lake Balaton because always something special happens here.


Our restaurant is typical of traditions and modern, diverse creativity. Flavours and ingredients, food works of arts provide surprise for those stopping here.

It is not a coincidence that this restaurant in Balatonfő is one of the most popular meeting point and destination of shipmen on the Lake Balaton.

But the feature making our cuisine really special, is the Thematic Gastronomic Weekend organized every second weeks. Then our guests are served the most popular national dishes or courses made on the basis of inspiration from different ingredients.

If you have visited us once, you must be coming back as you can find something special here all the time.

The experimentation, sparkling work creates spicy, passionate and happy atmosphere in the peaceful bay.


You will find you favourites in the menu card for sure: traditional flavours, modern dishes, national or international or even healthy ones.

Our wine card offers the selection of the greatest vineries in Hungary.


Restaurant, cafe, drink bar, conference room, fitness and game room, wellness club, infra and Finnish sauna, aroma cabin, jacuzzi, air-conditioning, cable TV.