Paplak Guesthouse

Paplak Guesthouse, next to the Arboretum

The guesthouse is located in the lovely city of Zirc, right next to the famous Cistercian Arboretum. This area of the city is really calm, though the city center is only 5 minutes walk from here.

There are 4 bedrooms (on 2 floors) in the guesthouse. There is 1 kitchen, 1 bathroom (with toilet) and 1 separated toilet in the apartment.

You can only book the full guesthouse, there is no possibility of booking only 1 or 2 rooms.

Zirc is sorrounded by mountains, so there are multiple hiking trails in the area. If someone is looking for local culture and sightseeing we recommend to get around Zirc, visit the famous Cistercian Abbey and the Arboretum, the Museums of Zirc and travel around in the are a little bit, visit Zirc’s surroundings and discover its attractions. Take a look at on our program guides and hiking trail descriptions.


WiFi, towel, non-smoking apartment, well-equipped kitchen, bathroom, winter sports (eplény ski resort is near- 7 km), hiking opportunities, near to the city center


+ 36 20 256 36 32